DIY (Do It Yourself) : Batik Vest

Have I told you that... ummm... actually I don't really like wearing batik?
I don't know why but whenever I wear Batik, I feel like I am older than my real age.
Dont you feel the same? Hahaha.

So, let's change our perspectives about Batik!
Batik is an amazing Indonesian heritage. You just need 'a lil improvisation' to make it better and suitable for your age. Since batik became a trend, I did a lil change with mine.

And look what I've found here!
It's a boring Batik shirt.

Look so old. Hahaha. Don't you agree?

So, here we go! Let's change the old shirt become the fabulous one!

1. Prepare the tools and equipments. You will need scissors, sewing threads, sewing needles, and pen. 

2. Draw a pattern. You need to decide which part you want to cut. And this is what i did with mine :

3. The next step is... Cut the cloth! This is my favorite part actually. Be careful! You must cut it neatly.

 The arms
and then, the belly

The most interesting part, hahaha. Felt lil bit nervous when I did it.

And.... Voila!

But it is not over yet

4. After that, you still need to sew the shirt. I did it by hand. I was not using sewing machine, hehe. But you can use sewing machine if you have one. It will be faster and easier.

 Look what you have here!

A cute Batik Vest

 See the differences?

I think I look as my real age, 17 yo. Hahaha, LOL. I'm just kidding.
At least, I am no longer look older than my real age. This Batik vest is very suitable on me.
How about yours? Do you wanna try too?

Good luck then!
Purwokerto, Februari 2014


  1. Bagus banget hasilnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sukaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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