Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How To Make A Deal with Past

1. Accept everything happened in your life and try to believe that everything happen for a reason.
2. Forgive everything and everyone who hurts you. But never forget about the lesson.
3. And remeber, what doesn't kill you make you stronger!

Purwokerto, Februari 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How To Make A Patch Denim Top

Waktu beberes kamar kemaren, gue nemuin kemeja jeans ini.

Kemeja jeans ini sempet berjaya di masanya. Iya, di masanya. Masa sebelum ada noda karat di bagian kain deket kancing. Noda ini disebabin karena gue kelamaan ngerendem cucian. Mungkin ini karmanya orang males, hehehe.
Sejak ada noda, gue jadi males pake kemeja jeans ini. Yaeyalah maless, namanya juga sudah ternoda

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

DIY (Do It Yourself) : Batik Vest

Have I told you that... ummm... actually I don't really like wearing batik?
I don't know why but whenever I wear Batik, I feel like I am older than my real age.
Dont you feel the same? Hahaha.

So, let's change our perspectives about Batik!
Batik is an amazing Indonesian heritage. You just need 'a lil improvisation' to make it better and suitable for your age. Since batik became a trend, I did a lil change with mine.

And look what I've found here!
It's a boring Batik shirt.

Look so old. Hahaha. Don't you agree?